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GST Training Courses in Greater Noida
GST Training

1 Month


GST (Goods & Services Tax) may be a major tax reform within the Country and may be a game changer. There has been a paradigm shift within the taxation structure with the GST rollout w.e.f first July 2017. As knowledgeable, it’simperative to know and assimilate the new taxation structure, associated compliances and therefore the changes in business processes emanating there from.
In the higher than backcloth, a course module on GST has been planned therefore on upgrade the information level of our members and professionals during a structured and sensible headed manner.
Institute has twin expectations from this course, 1st the GST ideas and implementation needs to be understood during a straightforward means by our skilled colleagues, and second, an equivalent may be percolated to the business homes, traders and alternative such considerations having GST impact in their several locations.